Hello,my name is Cees, welcome to my homepage. Feel free to browse around.
I live in the city of Eindhoven in the Southern part of the Nederlands near the
Belgian border.

I first had a C-licence in 1982 (call sign PE1HFH) and upgraded to the F-class
in 1983, with my present call sign PA3CVI. Radio has been my hobby for many
years and every hour spent playing with short wave radio was rewarding to me.
I enjoy listening and transmitting on the HF 10M-80M amateurs bands, looking
specially for DX (distant countries) while my favorite mode of making contact is
CW = Morse Code).

"Working DX" is just one of the many aspects of Amateur (=Ham) Radio in wich
you have to make contact wth other stations in distant countries and younormally
like to exchange QSL cards with the other stations as proof-of- contact.
I've had more than 10.000 contacs (=QSO's) with many countries of wich
275 DXCC countries have been confirmed by QSL cards.