A wonderful project to turn the basic Lima into a full-fledged 10 Watt HF transceiver.

I have been working on this project with incredible pleasure for a number of years. Before that I had no idea of the phenomenon SDR, solid digital radio. Besides the pleasure I had, I can say that I have gained a lot of insight into this matter I have written a report on this in the form of an extensive manual with many images. This guide may encourage other hams to update the well-known Lima.
With Bernd's excellent basic LIMA-SDR design, DL9WB, I have made some successful CW-QSOs with the 0.5Watt HF output power. Because I thought the power was very low, I went looking for a design with an output power of about 10 Watt. My choice fell ultimately on a clearly defined design by Kurt, with the LIMA-SDR as the basic conc transceiver. I have made a habit of recording my projects' progress in a clear described type of report, manual, or whatever you want to call it, so that I can fall back on that later in case of any modifications. Hereby I have taken over the "red thread" from DJ0ABR and there where useful, supplemented with comments,tips and many explanatory images. This may also enthuse other amateurs to undertake such a project to grab. I learned a lot and had fun while building it. The project is suitable for advanced radio amateurs with some knowledge of electronics.

New setup

New setup with keyboard

Below are the discussed chapters from my Manual or Manual (Dutch).

1. Customization of the Lima-RX
2. Customization of the Lima-TX
3. Microphone amplifier from DJ0ABR
4. Adjust Microphone PTT Switching
5. Preselector
6. Power Amplifier, 10 Watt
7. Possible Problems and Solutions
8. Settings
9. Sound card
10. PowerSDR Settings
11. Low Pass Filter